But what is a smart side business?

A business traditionally sells products to customers from a store in the local town or high street ... but a smart side business is different!

Creating a source of leveraged income (where you are no longer trading time for money) gives you choices.

It’s all about choices …

Choices to step away from the 9-5 and still have a stable source of income.

A business traditionally sells products to customers from a store in the local town or high street. With the move to online shopping (accelerated by the pandemic), these sales often take place over the internet now but in many cases the store owner is still taking care of shipping or fulfilling the orders.

A smart side business is different because you sell products or services but use the power of tech and automation to deliver the product.

You have probably made many of these purchases yourself and received them in your email inbox or by logging in to a site to download. There are also options to sell a physical product but have someone else take care of the fulfilment for you.

Maybe you have a clear idea in mind of your product already?

But if you are still at the early “ideas” stage, I’ve put together a cheat sheet to get your inspiration going! To get my 50 “What could I sell?” ideas sheet, click here.

What is a smart side business?

  • It can run without you for days or weeks at a time because sales are automated
  • It can be run by a solopreneur or small team
  • It has low startup costs
  • It is location independent and usually has international sales
  • It may be run full or part time but more likely on the side (of a job or other responsibilities).

What is it not?

  • No hourly billing for services or trading time for money
  • No shipping products (products typically are digital)
  • No large team or premises
  • No investment capital or funding required
  • Not limited by geographical location (requires reliable internet)
  • Does not need to be your main occupation

On the side of what?

Anything that requires you to have flexible working hours and means the traditional 9 to 5 is not possible or preferable for you.

Over the past decade, my smart side business has flexed around my job, my health issues, my kids and family responsibilities not to mention homeschooling during a pandemic! At the moment, it is giving me a stable income that allows me to invest my time into creating and launching a software product. It has truly made a life changing impact for my family and I.

Is your side business smart?

When you create a smart side business, you really create something life changing.

Kathryn’s ability to see multi-dimensions and what is possible for a business is truly incredible and a real gift. I’m always excited and inspired by what she talks about yet at the same time it feels measured, steady and logical.

She brings a skilled, experienced and forward thinking approach. Inspiring!

Louise Colbridge

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