Starting a digital products business

Passive (or leveraged) income is the key to creating a scalable business that can comfortably support you and your family, even when you are juggling life’s complications.

But realising what is possible can take a bit of a mindset shift at the beginning.

If you have been used to working in a clinical or education environment like I was, then no doubt you were paid a salary that was based on an hourly rate. When we move into business, it can be hard to transition from the hourly mindset. Many service based businesses charge by the hour or charge for client facing contact time. Some develop packages so that they are at least compensated for all of the work that goes into a project behind the scenes.

But what about all those hours when you are not able to work on client projects? Maybe life is too hectic to stick to a schedule or perhaps you are between clients at the moment. What is going to pay the bills during all of those “in between” times?

This is where leveraged or passive income products come in. It’s a bit of a cliche but these are the products that you can literally sell while you sleep. I do make sales while I sleep but more importantly I also sell products while I handle my family responsibilities AND when I’m taking time off to take care of my health.

What could you sell?

Digital products include courses, workbooks, downloads and printables. Many digital products businesses sell a combination of these and more. But what should you try if you are just starting out?

Kathryn’s ability to see multi-dimensions and what is possible for a business is truly incredible and a real gift. I’m always excited and inspired by what she talks about yet at the same time it feels measured, steady and logical.

She brings a skilled, experienced and forward thinking approach. Inspiring!

Louise Colbridge

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